End of an Era with Tea

Happy Sunday evening guys! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week since I last posted and enjoying the end of the weekend with (hopefully) a good cup of tea, snuggled in bed and ready for a new week! This week has been trying on my everything. From sleeping patterns, work life, uni life to workContinue reading “End of an Era with Tea”

A People’s History of theVampire Uprising: A review into the first three chapters

I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, ever since I was younger and first started to develop my own taste in books, I gravitated towards the fantasy section. Now, there’s almost a guilt when I pick up a sci-fi or fantasy novel (from the ‘adult’ section mind you) that I should be more “grown-up” and read moreContinue reading “A People’s History of theVampire Uprising: A review into the first three chapters”


I don’t know how to have a proper reset. I know how to stop and take a break, but not actually how to start over and take a fresh new start. Sometimes I think I am missing out on an important life skill, other times I think that it’s a good thing. When I leftContinue reading “Reset”

Queen of Procrastination

I need a kingdom, a big one. A kingdom where I can be left to my own devices and not worry about a god-damn thing, where uni doesn’t matter and I don’t have a billion things due. K, thanks. I have never been good at managing my time, if it’s not cramming for a mid-semesterContinue reading “Queen of Procrastination”