Week Review 30 Mar to 05 Apr 2020

I got through this week, from working from home and doing my best keeping everything together to just figuring out my new normal. It’s quite strange to me that I can now easily separate my life to a before and after event. Regardless of what is going on in the world, I’m trying hard to see positives, so if that means I have turn off off my news notification and do catch ups in my own time during the day, then so be it. This week is all about surviving and looking for the happy things in life. I hope you guys found the time for those small things too.

Things I did and enjoyed

Zoom calls. Who would have thought, that me out of all people who doesn’t really enjoy talking over the phone would get behind zoom phone calls. Catching up with friends and seeing their faces has been my saving grace. Just having chats with my friends and checking in on everyone has made me realise the importance of maintaining relationships and making sure everyone is doing okay. On a selfish level it gives me the opportunity to distract myself and give me something to focus on and hold onto when I start slipping into panic mode or loneliness.

Something else I have really enjoyed is re-visiting a lot of the skin-care and makeup products that I’ve been squirrelling away in more drawers. Now that I’ve got more time on my hands, I am quite enjoying taking the time to take care of my skin and using up some of the makeup that has been sitting in the bottom of my drawers. To make it even more fun, because I have one week working from home on a rotating basis, I actually get to wear makeup to “work” for once. Not sure how everyone else feels about the switching looks throughout the say on work calls, but does it really matter when I’m having a bit of fun pulling out the purple lipstick.

Lows of the week

This week was quite challenging for me. I didn’t actually think that social isolation would effect me so much because I quite enjoy having time to myself, but being forced to just work, cook, eat, sleep in the same four walls day in and out is enough to drive me insane. I am not ashamed to admit that I had a complete and utter breakdown. Last Sunday I wrote a post all about how I was not going to go out of my way to better my self during self-isolation and this is the reason why. There is always a sense of feeling overwhelmed in the background constantly for me and moments like these brings it to the forefront to me. It’s not something to hide away in the back corner, but it is an opportunity for me to work out what triggers me into deep spirals and they ways I can help myself pull myself out of it.

What made my week better

I’ve decided that during this time that if I have a low or lows of the week that I would keep my eyes open for the little things that would make my life a little bit better and give me some perspective. Simon got a project car. It’s an old Subaru WRX that needs some loving. Just spending time together washing the thing made my day more than anything. Was I a bit salty at first? Sure. I don’t really enjoy washing cars but it gave us something to do and I learnt a thing or two about washing cars and taking care of the paint work. So a win for all,

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