Week Review 16 Mar to 29 Mar 2020

It’s a two week review kind of post. With everything that is going on in the world it felt wrong almost in a sense to post about the things I have done, even if I followed all levels of social distancing. The more I though about it though, I decided I was going to share anyway. We can’t escape any news or any of the measures that the global pandemic brings. My life has changed, of course it has, so has yours, your mum’s and all your friends, but I still have my life and my health. I think more than anything we need to be honest with each other and ourselves. With all these posts and messages going around about how after the quarantine and self-isolation we should all emerge as the best, fittest, healthiest version of ourselves, we need to be realistic and realise that this is toxic positivity.

Toxic positivity I will get into more on Sunday, but just know this: you have no obligation to anyone to emerge from this time as a difference person. You have an obligation to yourself to take care of your mental health and keep your happy and/or content fuel box with love and with peace with yourself. Don’t force yourself into starting something where you do you not have the mental or emotional capacity to do so.

These two weeks I tried really hard to foster the relationships with those that are closest to me, so how about after you read this post you go and call a loved one.

Things I did and enjoyed

A favourite past-time of Simon and I’s is going around Antique stores and seeing what we could find. On the Sunday before all the major measures were being taken place, we went to Lunatiques and Mitchell Road Antiques. There were a lot of really cool finds that I really wished I was in the process of decorating a house or renovating because all the beautiful pieces they had, in particular Lunatiques, was just amazing!

The day capped off with a lunch at the Grounds of Alexandria before sit-down meals at cafes were essentially banned. I was really proud though that they had all patrons more than 2 metres away from each other and there was hand sanitiser a plenty around the place.

The highlight at the end of this 2 week period was actually spending quality time with Simon. With both our working schedules it can be difficult for us just spend time with each other on a daily basis. Now that we are both essentially housebound and on normal people working hours, it’s really easy for us now to just go for a walk or run together or even just enjoy dinner together which rarely happens. The best part though was building a desk together from scratch. No IKEA flat packs here folks! Just some good ol’ fashioned carpentry. Getting to do something like that was really fun and memories I will cherish.

Things I cooked

I am really enjoying cooking at the moment because it’s more of a challenge trying to cook with what I can find in the shops and what I can rustle together with a mish mash of things. My favourites from this week were Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Tarts and Potato Scramble Eggs. Both things were quite simple to make and I finally got around to writing proper recipes for them (just follow the links). Cooking is definitely something I am falling in love with all over again as it gives me a sense of calm being in control of over something, even if it’s a pot of boiling water.

Because I’ve been cooking so much recently and writing up the recipes, I’ve decided set up my own recipe page. Follow the link here and give it a little follow if you’re interested

Lows of the week

I had to cancel my holiday to Darwin with Mum. It was the one thing in the year I was really looking forward to and it was that little light at the end of the tunnel to tide me over. Cancelling it and trying to get refunds for everything or at least credit is stressful to say the least. I know I probably have it easier than others, but the thought of loosing money on flights freaks me out a bit. The hotel I’ve managed to contact, but the flight company is getting hard to contact. I’ll give it another week and try again I guess. When everything is shutting down around you it can be difficult to keep your eye on the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully with some good relaxation and reflection I can get back to my normal state of happiness. The past two weeks have been hard on my mental health, but I know it’s been tough for others too. Knowing that all of us are entering this period of uncertainty together gives me more than a little bit of hope that we can weather this storm as a worldwide community.

Recommendations for the week

Smiling mind is a free meditation app that ranks pretty high for me. The meditations are clear, well thought of and do really help me a lot. If you give it a go, I really hope it can help you too.

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