Week Review: 09 Mar to 15 Mar 2020

It was such a productive week and I am so thankful for that. In times like now where there is a lot uncertainty, having a week where I made progress on my own projects and knocked back some obstacles meant a lot to me.

This week I focused on me and really knuckled down on the things that I love doing. Which for me, no surprise for at all, is all about cooking and spending time with friends. Those little moments of reconnection really calmed my mind and helped me remember who I am as a person.

Things I did and things I enjoyed

On Saturday night I went out for dinner at Calle Rey in Newtown, a plant based Mexican joint. I’ve always been a little bit sceptical about plant based Mexican restaurants because I haven’t really been to a great place yet. Mexican food, by nature, can easily be made vegetarian and vegan friendly so sometimes having a dedicated restaurant means they just try a little bit too hard to get things vegan. For the most part it was nice food, it just didn’t hit the mark in terms of replicating meat flavours. We started with “duck” tacos and “prawn” tacos. The duck ones were made with mushrooms and that duck texture and flavour wasn’t quite there. The prawn tacos hit the texture perfectly, but that specific prawn taste just was not there. The chicken enchiladas were the same – taste was great but that specific texture and taste of chicken was lacking. I can forgive the main meals – they were fine and I would eat them again (just maybe not at the same price). The dessert just didn’t stack up for me though. Churros are something that should be easy to churn out. These ones were okay (again with just the “okay”) but not enough cinnamon sugar to make it a delightful experience. What wasn’t great though was the sweet potato crème brûlée. I don’t like coconut milk and it was all I could taste and it just didn’t gel well with sweet potato. It also didn’t have a satisfying crack so I don’t think I shall be returning anytime soon.

Sunday was my favourite day of the week. It was lazy but still productive and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I really enjoyed just hanging out with Simon at home and getting take out for lunch (we don’t do this enough tbh, I enjoy cooking, but sometimes it’s nice to just have a cheeky bit of Pad Thai every now and then. To top off a perfect Sunday, we has bbq with some of Simon’s friends and just having that social interaction was really something I craved and so glad I got.

Lows of the Week

It’s not 100% a secret that I tend to self-medicate with food, and while this week is nowhere near where I could get at my worse, I can feel old habits creeping back. It’s something I’m working on, so hopefully next week I can actually work on my emotions and inner turmoil and not turn away from them. I don’t want to feel constantly guilty for eating or enjoying food because it is something that helps me connect with others and in future I never want to feel guilty about eating chocolate or chips because I have a bigger body. This is definitely something that is going to take time and a whole lot of self-loving.

What I cooked

Red onion, tomato, mushroom and feta tart. All the flavours, all together, absolutely divine. This recipe was a lot more labour intensive than anticipated, so I am more than grateful I decided to use store bought pastry – yes, I do take shortcuts, but who doesn’t? As much as I enjoyed this tart, it is not something I am going toe making often, from cutting up 10 (yes, you read that right) onions, to cooking them for almost an hour until they had caramelised enough, this dish was definitely a luxurious treat.

As per usual, you can always find my recipes on instagram.

Things I bought

Natural toothpaste isn’t a new thing, but it is something I have dipped in and out of throughout the years. The newest one I tried is from Lush. I’m kinda sold, I just used it up a lot quicker than a regular toothpaste. I definitely get that minty feeling and my teeth feel clean after a brush, I just feel like it isn’t quite as minty as I like. Perhaps I should try a different flavour or pair it with a super minty mouthwash. Just a little note here though, I am willing to use a natural toothpaste because my tap water is treated with fluoride to protect my teeth. If you don’t have treated water in your area or have lack lustre dental health, personally I wouldn’t move to a natural toothpaste.

And that pretty much wrapped up my week. I’m feeling good about next week despite some hiccups. I’m working on self-affirmations and self-love, so bring on the new week!

Have you read my last post? It’s all about viruses and how to take care of yourself during the coronavirus pandemic. View it here.

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