All the Podcasts I’m Loving Right Now

I consume podcasts like they’re going to disappear tomorrow. I would hazard a guess and say I listen to at least 5 to 10 podcasts a day. Obsessive, yes. Am I concerned, no. My day usually starts with a podcast and ends with a podcast, and in between I’ve got my headphones in ALL the time. I love learning about others stories and the little things I can incorporate into my life to better it, and since I can’t read on the drive to work, podcasts are a great way to slip into a whole new world. So in no particular order, the podcasts I have binged in the last few weeks:

She’s On the Money (SOTM)

From the Shameless Media, the same production company that brought out the awesome podcast Shameless, SOTM brings a strong focus to financial confidence, freedom and literacy to the women of Australia. This podcast came to me when I really needed just an honest a voice to explain to me the basics. At the end of the day, financial literacy is not talked about in school and money is often a taboo topic amongst friends, so this is a breath of fresh air to me.

I blitzed through Season 1 and I sit on the edge of my seat for the entire week before the next episode comes out for Season 2. If you’re like me and still struggling to get your head around financial basics, this podcast really helped me out and put me on the right path. Seriously, if there is anything on this list you’re going to listen too, make sure it’s this one, as women, we all need to put our best foot forward and rely on ourselves for our financial independence, no one is going to hand it to us.

The Eleventh

I love a political drama and the Eleventh satisfies that itch for me, and wonderfully for me, it’s all based on the eventual sacking of the Prime Minister of Australia, Gough Whitlam. Whenever someone mentions Whitlam, my brain automatically goes to that tongue biting speech:

Well may we say “God save the Queen”, because nothing will save the Governor-General!

– Gough Whitlam (1975)

And I always imagined one day I could deliver a history defining speech like that one day, alas I have yet to have an opportunity, but I do get hear the lead up to that fateful day on the steps of parliament. The awesome thing about this podcast is that it delves deep into the ABC archives and interviews that brings history right to the forefront that just grabs me right from the get go. If you love history, and you love politics, this one is for you.

Glow Journal with Gemma Watts

I love beauty – from skincare to makeup to haircare. Fashion never quite pulled me in because I was never fit into and probably will never fit into designer clothes, but beauty, any one can get into and it will always be a timeless pull. Glow Journal satisfies the inner beauty junkie in me that always gravitates towards the David Jones beauty counters because it goes behind the doors and interviews some of the greatest minds in the beauty industry.

I truly believe that there is a misconception that beauty and skincare is all about vanity and it doesn’t go any deeper. Glow journal goes beyond the surface level and really grills down into the nitty gritty with founders that have started from nothing, but built their businesses all from the ethos that when we feel good and are confident in our skin, whether that means we have a little bit of extra help from products, we are more confident to tackle our day. Some episodes that I really loved and really resonated with me are the ones with Zoe Foster-Blake, Lisa Patulny and Christine Chang.

My wallet may hurt after each episode, but I love now that when I buy certain brands I can hear the founders own words and wisdom as I use the products.

Notable mentions

There are so many podcasts that I listen to that I could go on for days, but these ones deserve a good mention:

  • Emperors of Rome: There are hundreds of episodes for this podcast and it makes me so happy because I absolutely love listening to all the little history facts about the rise and the fall of the Emperors of Rome. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves ancient history
  • Occult Confessions: Give some magic and a little bit of folklore and I am hooked, lined and sinkered! There’s not much for me to say but just give this one a go if you have ever been interested in the occult and the history of it.
  • Deviant Women: I haven’t been listening to this podcast for long, but let me tell you when I say this is an absolute treat to listen to! Any women that subverts the cultural norms of the time and makes the mark on the passage of time is a hero of my heart
  • Little Green Pod: These bit sized episodes are great because it means I get to learn little things I can incorporate into my life week by week and become a better person to the environment and to those around me

Woah! What a list of podcasts. I’m always dying to try new podcasts, so drop a line below on what your favourite podcasts are because I cannot wait to give them a go!

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