A month in review: February

Ooh I was a little lazy in February getting any posts up, but all I’m going to say is that it was one of those months. Who knows why. It could be anything from me lamenting about the hot weather and just waiting for autumn and winter to come through, maybe it’s because I’m just going through some sought of slump. Whatever is running through my mind at the moment, I’m a little bit pepped up with the idea of cooler weather coming in March and some exciting things I’ve got running in the background for the long run.

Things I’ve done

I was a little bit surprised that I actually managed to do quite a few things in Feb that made me laugh smile and have a whole bunch of fun. One of the best highlights was going to the Serbian Festival in Tumbalong Park. Now, I was a little bit hesitant because I had a feeling a lot of the food stores were going to be meat heavy and I wasn’t going to find many food options, but good ol’ Burek saved the day and to top it all off, a deliciouss Krofne that did not last more than 10 seconds before I wolfed it down. The best part of the day was getting over my sense of self-embarrassment and join in on the kola a couple of times. I don’t know the steps to the dance, but shuffling along and laughing along made it one of the best experiences I had this month.

To top the month off, I finally got a haircut and the mop is finally gone! I never realised how much my sense of self pride is connected to my hair. I’ve alway experimented with it and chopped and hacked at it as a sign of rebellion, but when it grows into a mess, I can’t seem to settle into myself, so I’m really glad I cleaned it up a bit. Thinking of doing some more experimenting before I grow it out.

Things I’ve listened to

I’m going to keep this short and sweet and be a little bit of a tease. There are SO many things that I have absolutely loved to listen to (podcasts mainly), and a lot from Aussie makers, so keep an eye out for a list and review of my favourite podcasts coming up.

What I’ve cooked

I kept it simple and easy this month. A lot of rice bowls were made with fresh veggies and some pasta dishes. This month was all about the getting as many greens in my system as possible because in all honestly, I ate a lot of pizza this month. Do I regret anything? No, not really. Pizza is my ultimate form of food, and I will never regret it in any form.

For a month review, it’s a little bit of a short one, February was just a slow down month. I’m very excited though for March, because cooler weather means I can bring out all my winter coats and rug up every. single. day. I cannot wait!

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