A Week Review (03 Feb to 09 Feb 2020)

It’s been a pretty average week. And I am really glad for that. Sometimes it’s just really refreshing to have a week where there aren’t extremes highs and lows but moments of content and moments of reflections and small lows. All these little moments put together, I believe, give my sense of the world a sense of ease and calm.

This was the first week that I didn’t have a post on Sunday since bringing the blog back, and while I did preface when bringing the blog back that I wouldn’t post twice a week every week, I was a little hesitant not to have anything. But you know what? I loved not having the pressure of having to post anything, and that freedom was everything!

Things I did and enjoyed

Guys, why has know one told me about hot-pot and how awesome it is! Honestly, when it was first suggested by Simon I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it with everyone else because, well, I assumed it would be quite meat heavy, including the broth. In my head, it very much reminded me of Korean BBQ and I kinda worked myself up that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy in the main meal and just have my little sides. I was so wrong though. One, so many veggie options available (including the broth!) and I definitely ate my fill which was great. Ten out of ten would go again.

Things to Watch

Two things I watched this week, both one after the other on the ABC pushed me further in my quest for sustainability. The first was the Bushfire Special “Black Summer” and the second was the Q&A “Bushfire Special From Queanbeyan“. Was it frustrating to watch some politicians blatantly deny they believe in the science and evidence of Climate Change? Hell yeah. If I could throw common sense through the television, I would not hesitate. But I am quite glad to see that there are these conversation happening, and from the Q&A special, it’s clear the public are not happy with the governments ineptness in dealing with the bigger picture and their willingness to push reform onto the individual. Shame on them.

I just want to also acknowledge the absolute bravery for the individuals who went on the Four Corner special to open up about their story, especially the young teenager India. To defend your home against fire is dangerous, yes, but so admirable that she had the tenacity to protect her home and her father.

Things I cooked

Thank the Lord, my sad cooking spell is over! I finally made a good meal that I enjoyed! Crispy Tofu Bowls and a sticky soy marinade. So good, so fresh, so lovely. I mean, just look at all the different colour, it’s an edible rainbow and it was amazing (and I will toot my own horn because I’m just glad the cooking spell is over).

I could eat this colourful bowl of goodness every single day for a very, very, very long time

As usual, if you want a recipe, check out my insta story highlights, I save most of the stuff I’m cooking there.

Lows of the Week

I’m not going to talk about my emotional woes this week but talk about something physical that really angered and upset me. After hot pot we went to get desert, which duh, is more important than the main meal. We went to Loukoumades, which I was really excited for because I love sweets and sugary goodness. Do you know what I didn’t love? All the plastic that came with our loukamades. We ate in, but they gave as our meal in plastic, throwable bowls, gave us plastic cutlery wrapped in even more plastic and there was no facility to even separate waste and put at least one item into recycling. Disappointing and angering because all that waste is going to go straight to landfill or to the ocean.

I’m drafting my email as we speak. Companies that know better should do better and because this has angered and upset me so much. I’m not going to hesitate to let them know.

Let me know how your week went! I’m really curious to what everyone gets up to and what make you happy and excited.

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