A Week Review (27 Jan to 02 Feb 2020)

It’s been a week, and I am honestly shocked how quickly January has gone and went. I mean, I say this every year but I really do feel this week has gone ridiculously quickly and with it has come a sense of dreaded doom that I will have no time for anything at all. It’s something I need to work on though, and has definitely contributed to the overall mood of the week, but hey, another week is on the way.

This is a really long post, but I had a lot to say this week. Especially on the things I watched, which were two Netflix docuseries: Rotten and the Aaron Hernandez special Killer Inside.

Things I did and explored

I didn’t explore much this week, just a bar in Newtown called Kuleto’s with a high school friend. I was not 100% impressed with it. Was I quite pleased for the 2 for 1 cocktail deal that I just made after work? Yes. Did I enjoy the extremely slow bartenders that had a tendency to just ignore people at the bar so they could chat amongst themselves and flirt with the 18-something year olds? Nope. Not exactly a highlight but what can I say, you win some and you loose some.

Now, Kuleto’s was a bit of a flop, but what I did afterwards is what really made up for my night. So, my friend and I are both on a low budget when it comes to nights out now. She’s back at uni and I’m trying to save as much money as I can, so spending excessive amounts of money on cocktails just doesn’t really cut it anymore. So what did we decide to do? We did it the old fashioned, down and dirty way and just got some hot chips and a cheap bottle of wine and had an impromptu late night picnic in the park. I haven’t laughed or felt so free from judgement in a very long time. It made the next day’s hangover so worth it as I had just that little reprieve from life’s little challenges.

The highlight of my week was definitely hanging out with friends, both from high school and uni. On Monday, a friend from uni hosted myself and another friend to a Montenegrin brunch. And my god. The food. I feel so privileged that my friend and her mum spend the morning cooking for us and the food that they put out, that I really wished I had second stomach so I could really wolf it down because it was so good. I really wish I got a photo because when I say they served the thinnest crepes you have ever eaten, I mean they were the thinnest crepes ever! I am so glad I went, and I am so happy I have friends who are willing to share their culture and food and with me so I can learn more about the world around me.

Lows for the week

I am going to talk about my lows a little earlier in the post, because I really do not want this post to be all about negativity, but this week has been a massive struggle. I know when my mental is struggling and this week was a battle and a half. Usually I can get through things with a bit of meditation and a good night’s rest, but this week that just didn’t seem to be in the cards for me. I’m kind of struggling to see the positive in things, but hopefully that will all change soon enough.

I’m really hoping that next week I can get more sleep in and my mood will be a little better.

Things I cooked

Nothing I cooked really worked out for me this week. It’s like the universe is telling me to just relax and not stress so much about packing a meal with so much flavour or getting so fancy pants that nothing works out. I cooked three different meals this week (a little more than I usually) but nothing really clicked. Finger crossed that next week I’ll cook at least one thing that works out and tastes nice.

A quick review of what I cooked and why it didn’t work out:

  • Monday: roast vegies with quinoa and salad
    • Something just went wrong by Wednesday. Maybe something is wrong with my fridge but it just didn’t taste great after a couple of days
  • Thursday Sweet Potato Balls
    • Reheated tasted like dirt, could be something to do with the spinach I added into it
  • Sunday: Mushroom bologense
    • In my opinion would have been great, but I burnt it (I blame my easily distracted mind that went to Youtube)

Things watched

Man this already feels like a really long post, but I really want to talk about a couple of Netflix shows that made me stop and think about myself and the general world.

The first show was Rotten, and the first episode was on Honey. Now, everyone that knows me really well, knows that I love honey. Yoghurt for breakfast? Add honey. Weetbix? Honey. A good marinade? Just some good ol’ honey and soy sauce. I am, quite frankly an addict and I will be attending HA meetings from tomorrow. This episode, however, blew my mind right out the window. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew honey was adulterated on some level and “supplemented” to some level with sugar syrup. What I didn’t know, however, that the consumption of honey far outweighs the supply. In order to meet such a high demand, honey is supplemented with everything from sugar syrup to rice syrup. The more savvy (or just plain evil and capitalistic) companies know exactly how to get their honey through the cracks and onto our shelves.

It’s definitely made me think about where my food has come from and how I will go about supporting local honey producers. For liquid gold I am willing to go the extra mile to avoid any sugar syrup imitation.

The next show was the Aaron Hernandez three part docuseries. I’m really conflicted on this one, because I really enjoyed (if you can say that about true crime) the podcast from Wondery entitled Gladiator: Aaron Hernandez and Football Inc.. However with the docuseries, I couldn’t quite pinpoint what route it was exactly going and I just didn’t find it an easy watching. The docuseries just couldn’t make up its mind on where it was heading. Was it following the man himself, the influence of football, CTE or his crimes? All of these things together is what the podcast I felt explored in a much better way than the docuseries. This docuseries just doesn’t sit right with me for so many reasons.

What I really didn’t appreciate was the the almost excusal tone the docuseries took for his actions. This is a man who has been convicted of brutally murdering his friend Odin Lloyd AND is linked to the gunning of two innocent immigrants: Daniel Correia de Abreu and Safiro Furtado. Do not try and justify to me his actions by blaming those around him for not recognising his violent tendencies and setting him on a straight path. He has real life victims and perhaps the docuseries should have done a better job and pointing out that it is this patriarchal society who quite willingly will accept violent, perturbed and vicious men all in the name of sport and lets them get away with almost everything. If this docuseries was really concerned with the powerhouse of the NFL (and all other codes of male dominated sports) and how it lets all these behaviours slide (and much more, because we need to be honest with ourselves how many sports stars accused of domestic abuse are actually convicted and excluded from these realms?), then maybe I would have appreciated it more. But Aaron Hernandez is not someone who deserves sympathy.

What also bugged me, and I really feel this Vox piece does more justice in what I am about to say, is that it does come off as blaming his actions on being a closeted queer man. Not the CTE, not the concoction of pain killers he was most certainly on while playing NFL and not the man himself. There is constant portrayal of queer men in the media of having something wrong with them, or not being quite right in the head because they’re closeted and it is something I am so sick to death of seeing. Why this docuseries felt the need to continue with this stigma and falsity, I will never know. Furthermore, all the docuseries did was spread rumours again on a matter it doesn’t really have an insight too. Its portrayal of Aaron Hernandez as a closeted, troubled, rage fuelled gay man is exactly the same as the outing of him that happened before his death. Way to go in showing other LGTBQ+ people that no matter what they do they will be hounded and outed by others obsession without their safety, well-being or consent.

And that is my week in review. Wow. What a week. Some highs and some lows but what would life be without that? So curious to hear your thought on your week and anything you watched or read. Leave a comment a below and let’s get this conversation going!

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