Week Review (20 to 26 Jan 2020)

Disclaimer: To bite the bullet before we begin a review of the week, this week crossed over Australia Day. Out of respect and solidarity with the Indigenous peoples of the land, I do not celebrate Australia Day and will refer to it from now on in as Invasion Day. I didn’t’ do anything this year, and I did that purposefully. The 26 of January is a mournful day for many people and the time has come for the country to fully recognise and acknowledge our bloodied, colonial past. 

Where on earth has the year gone? January is almost over with and I cannot believe how far the year has come. I feel like work has already picked up the pace (no slow going in a manufacturing environment) and there are some many things this year that I am really looking forward to doing. And the fun I had this week hopefully is a good sign for the weeks to come

Things I did and explored:

This week has been chill for the most part, but I am going to cheat a little bit and add something that I did on Sunday. 

So, on Sunday I went to the Vegan Markets at Moore Park and for once I went earlier in the morning. I am so glad I did, because I finally got to try Mylk and Bun. Guys, these are amazing, even my non-vegan sister (who let’s be real was not into a lot of the foods) loved it. The best way I can describe it, is that it’s like a finger bun from Baker’s Delight, except they are MASSIVE and oh so delicious and addicting. 

A pecan and maple bun and a mango bun. So delicious and so good

The following Sunday I went to the Parklea markets. Something new to do I guess and Simon wanted to check out the car stalls and see if he could find anything (he did not, but we did bring home yet another Rubik’s cube). I’m a little disappointed with our day in the market. When we first walked in, the fruit stand near the front made it seem like everything was cheaper than supermarkets, however, the further we went in, the more I realised that a lot of it was the same price, if not more than the supermarket. The only great deal we got was for the mangoes. Three MASSIVE mangoes for only $5. A bargain.

What have I been cooking?

I only cook a main meal twice a week, but cook enough to last Simon and I two to four days for dinner. It’s easier for us, but also it’s reduced the amount of food wastage we have because we won’t go grocery shopping until everything in the fridge has been eaten. It is also testing my cooking skills because I need to cook things that are chock full of flavour but also the integrity of the dish holds up.

The first meal of the week I made was a creamy, lemon-ey, garlicky, chicken pasta. It was alright. I’ve definitely made better pastas and full transparency, I have really turned off meat recently and transitioning into becoming a vegetarian. I’ll keep it in for the regular rotation as something that is quick and easy but not something I am going to gravitate towards.

The real star of the show this week was the chickpea curry I made this week. I love a good curry, I love experimenting with flavours to turn something seemingly basic into something packed full of flavour. This was the best meal of the week for two reasons:

  1. This meal produced little waste. Almost everything I used in this meal had scraps that I could either recycle, compost or turn into something new
  2. That something new was vegan meringue from chickpea water
The final meal. The ultimate spread of quick and easy comfort food

Guys, vegan meringues are my new loves. Using the chickpea water instead of egg whites is genius, it also whips up so much more easier than what eggwhites does. This is another recipe that I will be going back to anytime I cook with chickpeas.

If there wasn’t so much sugar that went into the meringues I would eat this everyday for breakfast

For a full breakdown of the recipes, check out the story highlights on my instagram. You’ll find both recipes under Vegan Yummies

Lows of the week:

This week was pretty good. I can’t really report on any lows this week because overall it was a really good week. The only big one I could think of is that I’m losing a lot of sleep for some reason. Getting to sleep is getting easier with some meditation, but staying asleep is another issue. If you’ve got any tips, please let me know. 

Things I have bought or want to buy:

It definitely was a low buy week for me (woo! We are sticking to the budget!), but there is something I want to highlight because it is a cause that I wholeheartedly believe in. With the recent bushfires in Australia, a lot of small local businesses have either had their property destroyed or their businesses are losing money because tourists can no longer access their business. Spend With Them on instagram is a great place to go and buy directly to these affected businesses or donate gift cards to family in the areas affected by fires to various restaurants and directly support these wonderful, hard working people. I am making it a point that every gift I buy this year, any pantry items that I can source from this page, I am going to buy. 

The rebuild process from the fires is going to be a long process, and I feel somewhat helpless and powerless in helping. What I can do however is spend my dollar and help someone in need.

And that’s it! That’s my week in review. Bring on the next week!

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