Am I back? Let’s hopes so

Life is bloody hard, there is no way of getting around that. I feel like the last couple of years I have really pushed myself into trying to fit into specific box and way of living. Seeing everyone around me live such awesome lives and constantly travelling and reaching higher goals in their careers, in one sense always instilled in me that I wasn’t doing enough and in another sense de-motivated me to do, well anything. Part of this feeling of inadequacy came from the fact that I just didn’t do as well in uni as I thought I did and not getting into any career path that seemed sustainable in the long run. And let’s be totally real here, I have spent hours on social media, just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling that led to comparing and comparing and comparing. It’s an endless cycle that cuts a little bit deeper every time.

At the end of the day I really enjoy social media content, there is so much variety and wide range of things to enjoy that there are some really positive insights on any form of social media, however, I just can’t afford the lifestyle that these people seem to live, both mentally and financially. I am a lot more real with myself now and I do recognise (and proud) that I am just an average 20-something year old. I got to work every week, I do my laundry, cooking and cleaning, I hang out with my friends and have the occasional breakdown, but also a whole heap of breakthroughs

I am bringing back Bloom and Find because the every day life is really interesting to me. Vlogs and blogs are my favourite forms of social media to consume because they can be so imperfect but perfect at the same time. I’m not going to pressure myself to have the most perfect pictures (or even pictures at all) but just have fun and go for it! The world of the internet is the perfect place to just find your place and realise you are not on your own and everyone truly does live a boring, average life. The interesting parts can always be found by just sharing and appreciating the little things.

With that being said, for all the internet to see, my hopeful restructure of Bloom and Find:

  • Updates will occur once to twice a week depending on how my schedule is going (Wednesday a week in review and on Sunday something else). Not every week will have two posts.
  • Updates will come a week later from the week (you ain’t gonna stalk me). A weekly update of:
    • Cool things I have done
    • Favourite thing I cooked for the week and the recipe for it
    • Struggles that I’ve gone through
    • Have I stuck to my budget (this is a biggie for me)
  • Makeup, skincare things that I like (basically things I bought)
  • Books, podcasts, movies and tv reviews
  • General thoughts on what is going on in the world
  • My journey into living a more sustainable life

So there you have it, a new-is structure for a blog all about an average 20-something year old. I will not be showing off any luxury handbags (because yeah nah bro no funds for that), I don’t go on press trips (lol if anyone in PR finds this – I need warning, I work full time, but honestly, would anyone even find this blog) and I won’t be going out of my way to do things just to showcase it. I know I have to unlearn a lot of my own preconceptions and theoretically I know that a lot of social media is just a mask on real life, so hopefully this is less of a mask and more of a cosy place to sit and chill together as friends.

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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