Favourites… of Now

I have been very spoilt these past few months because I have discovered so many awesome products that I have been loving and reaching for over and over again, and I can’t wait to share with all of you. On top of that I have found some awesome places to eat and drink in Sydney that I am also really excited to share with you, because let’s be real, I always have a favourite spot to eat or drink. So without further ado, my favourite, of now:

Skin Care

Oh man, I am in love, so in love. Specifically, my new love is anything to do with Drunk Elephant. You have no idea how much my skin has changed in the past few months from using Drunk Elephant products. I have gone from an oily, slick mess to a controllable sheen and plump soft skin that I am proud to walk out of the house with little to no makeup on it. Specifically I have fallen in love with the C-Firma Day Serum and the T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. What I love about these products is that they give me that little extra hydration so my skin won’t produce as much oil, but also my pores haven’t been as congested when using these products, even after all the holiday over-indulgence of sugary goodness!


Never would I thought I would see the day that I wold invest in tanning products but I am really conscious now of sun damage and the effects of not protecting yourself from the sun, so the obvious choice for a nice tan look was self tanner. Just like with skin care, I am sticking to the ethos of sticking with multiple products from one brand because I know they are designed to work well together.

Luna Bronze is a godsend for someone like me who has no experience in dabbling in self tanning. I invested in the Tanning Moisturiser, which I have already gone through 2 bottles since November. This is a gradual moisturiser so it was really easy for me to correct any mistakes I had made and build up the colour to a desirable depth. Another favourite is the Illume Tanning Mist, although I do not use it all the time. Best thing about this range is that they don’t smell like soggy cornflakes and are very moisturising on the skin.

Bars and Food

Give me a good cocktail that’s unique and not loaded up on sugar and I am going to be one happy baby for the rest of the night. The Long Goodbye is the best bar I have been to hands down (so far). The concept is amazing. There’s no menu, no guide in what to order because you have to give all control over the bar tender. Just give them a flavour profile, an alcoholic base or even a classic with a twist and the drink you will get will be amazing. I still have vivid dreams about the Red Velvet Cocktail I was given after asking for something Bailey’s based with a chocolate kick.

Food wise, I absolutely adored going to Yellow for a five course vegan degustation meal. I honestly did not have too high expectations because I didn’t want to be disappointed but my god, it was the best thing ever. The flavour combinations and the unique use of vegetables, fruits, nuts and spice to give texture and taste was amazing. If you ever want something to treat yourself with, I highly recommend Yellow.

Well, there you go! Just a few of my favourites for the past couple of months and I am so pleased with myself for discovering new places to share and recommend to others. What about you? Any new favourite restaurants, bars or beauty products that you can recommend?

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