Lost in Style

I don’t think I have ever had a specific style that I have stuck to and that I have liked. I have always switched around with my styles but never really found one that just screamed me. I definitely went through an emo phase (oh god, all that eyeliner) and I even tried to go retro inspired. To be honest, I’d thought I’d really found my style in the past couple of years. It was alternative, with a dash of class (sometimes) that was comfortable, a little bit oversized but just felt right. Now I don’t even know where to begin.
My body has changed a lot these past few months, so much so that I don’t even know what cuts and shapes look right. It’s not a secret that I hate shopping, so I really do not want to go through the process of shopping and trying on a billion things and overwhelming myself in the process. How do I dress now that my boobs are a lot smaller – a feature of myself I would try to emphasise, my shoulders seem broader and I don’t have the hips that I’m used to? How can I dress when I have less than half more wardrobe left? I thought losing weight was supposed to be the answers to all my clothing problems, not something that added to them.
If I’m honest, the style that I gravitate to the most, are like people like InTheFrow. She has such an effortless chic that I love. It’s class, it’s elegance, it’s everything I want to dress like. I’m just afraid I’ll like an imposter or try-hard if I try to elevate my style. Is it even something that would look good on my body or is it something that needs to be edited to fit right?
Summer is here, and I’ve experimented a bit. Shorts, crop tops, oversized denim jackets, but nothing seems right yet. I’ve gotten a haircut and it feels like I’m on the right path, I feel a little lost, but hopefully I can pull myself up and find something like Goldilocks, something that is just right.

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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