End of an Era with Tea

Happy Sunday evening guys! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week since I last posted and enjoying the end of the weekend with (hopefully) a good cup of tea, snuggled in bed and ready for a new week!

This week has been trying on my everything. From sleeping patterns, work life, uni life to work out life, but I have something exciting to share. I finally handed in, what could quite potentially be my final uni assignment ever! That’s right, the uni experience is pretty much finished for me, and I just needed to share because uni was such a strange yet sometime lonely experience that I am more relieved than anything. It truly is the end of an era, the end of relentlessly pulling my hair out, the end of me staying up late finishing off assignments, the end of my stress effecting everyone around me. I feel free and wonderful and excited for the new, but still daunting aspect of adult life.

One thing I haven’t mentioned much on the blog recently was starting up again on another 8 week challenge at F45, but you know what? It’s been pretty awesome so far. I’m doing it properly this time and actually figuring out why each meal is important, what’s my protein source, am I getting enough veggies, what does my body need at this point in time and it’s working out well. I honestly feel stronger than ever. One thing that is still throwing me off however is the fact that more people are starting to say “wow, you’ve lost so much weight, you look good” and “are you on a diet, where are your carbs”. While I don’t mind people noticing, it means there are some results, but it honestly makes me question people’s perception of beauty. I was still beautiful before I started loosing weight and I will always be the same person on the inside. I know these people aren’t coming from a bad place, I just need to realise I am confident in who I am no matter my size.

That’s pretty much my update for this week, and I can’t wait to see you again on Wednesday!

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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