A People’s History of theVampire Uprising: A review into the first three chapters

I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy, ever since I was younger and first started to develop my own taste in books, I gravitated towards the fantasy section. Now, there’s almost a guilt when I pick up a sci-fi or fantasy novel (from the ‘adult’ section mind you) that I should be more “grown-up” and read more compelling, complex novels. I don’t know where this shame has come from and it upsets me. I’m making an effort now to read books in genres I actually like and do a book-club review here on the blog, so feel free to pick up the same book and discuss with me in the comments.

This month I am going into the first three chapters of Raymond A. Villareal’s ‘A People’s History of the Vampire Uprising’. Perfectly situated in the sci-fi/fantasy genre with a good dose of realism.

I’ll be honest, when I first started reading it I was tempted to put it down. I’m not a massive fan of first-person accounts, but I was hooked a few pages in. There is something about the way Dr, Lauren Scott’s account of how the NOBI virus started and the medical descriptions that just pulled me in. Villareal paints a picture of how I would see the Vampire Virus going down in the real world. It starts with Patient Zero, funny/different anomalies in the blood samples, strings of dead bodies and bodies missing from morgues. I’m invested in Dr. Scott and I can’t wait to read more about her.

When the POV switches to Father John Reilly, I’m not entirely sure if the interview style chapters work. I don’t feel like I’m discovering enough about Father Reilly on my own, and more it’s been shoved in my face. Hopefully in the next few chapters I learn more about his part in the Vampire Uprising.

So far I’m hooked and interested enough to keep reading and continuing on with the book. The first three chapters are most definitely an introductory to the story.

On November 14 I’ll come back to this book and review up-to and including chapter 9. If you have a book that you would like to be next on the list, feel free to share! And if you’re reading the book too or want to pick it up and read it with me

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