August and September’s Attempt at Being an Adult

Oh September, you have been magical, you have been wonderful, you have brought some awesome time and only a few downs. These two months I’ve had a few attempts at trying to be more of an adult and embracing my twenties. There were times where I wished I was just a little bit more younger and also a little bit more older, but all-in-all I gave it a good go.

Day Drinking.

This was definitely my favourite past time of the past two months. I went to a housewarming in the daytime one day and a bottomless mimosa lunch another. I was drunk by 3pm both days for sure, and I loved it. There is something so intoxicating (pun intended) about getting all dressed up, having a few drinks and still being able to be in bed by 8pm. It’s so New York chic, and something I want to do every weekend. This is an aspect of being an adult I am totally down for.


Oh I failed on this one, big time. Every month I know what my expenses are: board, car insurance, petrol, food. Theoretically I should be able to factor this in month by month as I get my pay. But I just didn’t. I mean I tried to, I really did. I wrote out everything that I bought, what money was coming in and out. The catch? I lasted 2 days max. I don’t know if it’s because I get paid monthly, so by the end of four weeks I just can’t make it stretch. I feel like a failure for not being able to save that much and be prepared for almost anything. I need serious help with this.

Being self-sufficient.

This ties into budgeting, but I was little more successful with being self-sufficient. I took ownership of my own well-being and started to put myself first. I’m always being told by my bf to be a little bit more selfish and actually do want I want to do. And it helps a lot with being self-sufficient because a massive part of taking care of yourself is knowing when to put your needs first. There are always points and moments where I faulted and I wasn’t entirely self-sufficient/taking care of myself but I am getting there.

Basically all in all, I still don’t know how to adult properly, I don’t have a manual or anything to help me but I’m crawling through as best as I can to emerge on the other side in some form of an adult.

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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