Busy Bees Learn

“A day spent without learning is a day wasted”


That phrase is something that gets thrown around all the time, from entrepreneurs to teachers to every Joe on the street you meet. Learning seems to be the key to everything in life. Want a better life for your kids? Send them to a good school. Want a new promotion? Teach yourself all the skills you need to impress your boss. All these learning premises rely on finding the right teacher or course to get you ahead or taking the self-help approach.

To be frank, I am someone who learns best from others. Sit me in front of a teacher, give me the books, the videos and the study guides and I will learn it. You name it, I’ve (tried) to memorise it. I struggle a lot to learn from life’s lessons however. Throw me in a new situation and I will struggle and flounder a lot longer than those around me.

Take full time work for example. At the beginning of the year I started a year long internship that was full time. I have to drive about an hour (or more if there’s traffic or I don’t leave by 6AM) to get to work. I read the priority list of things to do and start my day at the lab bench hoping to God I don’t blow anything up today. The first few weeks I was there I struggled really hard to adjust and pick up this new way of life. I wasn’t use to having to work 8 hours, 5 days a week, all in a row. I was used to shift work, starting at all sorts of hours and sleeping in most days and having sometimes 3 days off, 6 days on, but with a lot more flexibility. All the interns around me in other departments seemed to pick up on things really quickly. They learned the ropes just by being thrown into the deep end, I however, was seriously contemplating quitting one month in. I was tired, cranky and resistant to adjusting.

When Life throws a situation for me to learn from, I panic and start over-thinking things. I’m not someone who learns just by watching and observing, pulling things apart and putting them back together. I’m someone who learns by making mistakes. A lot of them. Usually making the same mistake a couple of times over until I do pick things up and just run with it. At the same time I learn a lot from having debates and conversations with people. Which sometimes drives my boyfriend mad because he is more the type to hear opinions and then formulate his thoughts, rather than get into a heavy debate.

Different people learn differently. I learn from observing those around me, debating and reading. Others learn from just attempting it and figuring it out organically. Whatever the case is, Life just want you to learn, whether you are resistant to it or not. Can you learn something new everyday? That I am unsure of, but what I do know, is that this busy bee is trying her hardest how to learn to juggle everything thrown at her.

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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