Queen of Procrastination

I need a kingdom, a big one. A kingdom where I can be left to my own devices and not worry about a god-damn thing, where uni doesn’t matter and I don’t have a billion things due. K, thanks.

I have never been good at managing my time, if it’s not cramming for a mid-semester or pulling an all nighter to get an essay on the benefits of the green economy done then I’m wasting my time on YouTube looking up makeup tutorials. Even right now I am procrastinating on writing an opinion piece for my course and catching up on all my readings and instead I’m writing a blog post about procrastinating while procrastinating. It’s an endless cycle that we all suffer.

Do I have a magical solution to escape the cycle? Hell no, so sorry to you youngin’s out there looking for some awesome advice, but I haven’t got any. What I do have are some little tricks that keep me focused for at least half an hour, because a lot can be done in half an hour. You won’t be able to sort your life out, but you will be 3 paragraphs closer to finishing that essay.

Tip numero uno: turn your goddam phone off. I know it’s hard; Jessica wants to show off her awesome, overpriced brunch on instagram and hot Jason want to hook-up on Tinder, but my darlings they can wait until you have at least half of the resources you need to finish off that essay.

Two: Get your snacks and water ready. I graze, all day everyday. When I’m studying I need to have a constant supply of food otherwise I am going to get distracted, go off and make lunch to never return. Having a handful of nuts and some cut up fruit beside you is a great way to graze for a good 3 hours before you really need to some sustenance

Three: Switch up your study space. I get bored really easily, if I haven’t got some entertainment going on then I am going to lose all interest in reality and be glued to my phone. So, if you hate studying at a library, pick a café and set up camp for a couple of hours with fresh coffee and a light brunch. Who knows, the busy environment around you might help get some study done. Berkelouw Books in Paddington is a great little café to study in (if you’re not tempted to buy all the books) and most universities have a café on campus you can chill at.

So there you go, these may not be fool proof tips but they do help me a little to get some things done, particularly as I’m the kind of person that can’t follow a to-do list.

And, if you’re still interested, come back on Thursday and we’ll explore my first week-ish on Tinder

Till next time my loves!

Published by bloomandfind

Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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