Death by Breakfast Chicken, My Way to Go

It is no secret that I love food, because let’s get real here and admit there is no greater satisfaction then eating an amazing meal and feeling like you’re about to burst but feeling good in the knowledge that you have probably had one of the best meals of you life

… until the next one comes around.

When I first heard about Roastville, to be honest, the idea of fried chicken for breakfast made even my somewhat unhealthy eating habits cringe a little, but who would ever pass up the opportunity to try it? You only live once and all that jazz.

First of all, I am going to be completely honest, I wasn’t exactly a massive fan of the polenta scone on the bottom, but that’s just because I don’t like scones in general. But my god. The perri-perri hollandaise had that perfect kick, and the chicken with the perfect poached egg? I’m dead, tell my parents I cheated on Lent on a Friday but it was oh so worth it. I want that on my grave stone.

The coffee was good, maybe a little on the acidity side for my tastes, but it satisfied my morning coffee crave all in all. The vibe was bangin’ and the wait staff were friendly. I highly recommend trying some of the ice teas they have on the blackboard too. Would I go again? Yes, now that I know that getting a park close is a little bit of trouble, and I would definitely bring aaaalll my friends here.

Check out Roastville here

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Just a lost 20 something year old, blooming and finding her way through life

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